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I don't take car shopping lightly, I hate it.  But you and your crew made it into something completely different, a sit down with an old long lost friend, for lack of a better explanation.
 I can promise you one thing, no one in this household will ever, shop for a vehicle, without going to Carter Womack first.
my sincere and heartfelt thanks, Travis
  Nick and Carter~

Thank you so much for helping with purchasing my new vehicle, I absolutely love it. Your facility is always a pleasure to do business with, this being my second vehicle purchased at Black Land Star Motors. As you know, I have sent everyone that I know who is looking for a new vehicle to you guys. I have NEVER heard of any bad experiences.

I am super excited about being able to get my oil changed and my car serviced at Blackland.

Thanks again for all you guys do!
Carter and Nick,
Thank you so much for all of your help. When it came to finding my husband a truck he and I would both love… guys did it. We found you guys 2 years ago and feel like family! Personally we have now bought two cars from you, my mom has bought one and my in-laws have bought two….we'll never go anywhere else. You have great prices and give top dollar for trade-ins and make me feel welcome and like family. And you always have an answer for my questions…and if you don't know it…you find it out for me. We love the new truck and we will never go anywhere else to buy a vehicle!
We are so happy to have a friend in the car business.
Julie and Rene
I don't take car shopping lightly, I hate it. But you and your crew made it into something completely different, a sit down with an old long lost friend, for lack of a better explanation.
I can promise you one thing, no one in this household will ever, shop for a vehicle, without going to Carter Womack first.
my sincere and heartfelt thanks, Travis

Believe it or not, there are still people out there that really enjoy helping their fellow man, and no I am not on medication or have been drinking. It is amazing when you find a real friend instead of a car salesman. This I know first hand.

I was involved in a HIT and RUN on 635 and Northwest highway, Dallas, Texas. Of course the male driver fled the scene, failed to stop and render aid, and did not stop and give insurance information.

The insurance company only gave a somewhat small amount for my vehicle. The folks at Blackland Star Motors in Bonham, Texas, made everything right. In fact Blackland Star Motors are the ONLY people that asked if I was all right. I can not say that about the Garland Police Department who worked the accident. The police officer did not ask if I was ok, and even questioned why I was admitting fault. Being a retired police officer, I replied right back to the police officer “Because it is the right thing to do”.

The folks at Blackland Star Motors, treat customers the right way, “Because it is the right thing to do.” In the world that we live in is NOT a friendly place, it is DOG eat DOG, or “what’s in it for me.”

The folks at Blackland Star Motors take a different approach, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Back home we call that The Golden Rule.

So the next time you get put into a spot like in between a rock and a hard place, Just drive a little to save a lot of cash at Blackland Star Motors, Bonham, Texas.


Robert J. Brightwell of Rockwall, Texas

Hello everyone. I would like to explain my 4th experience with the Black Land Star Motor’s Dealership. Where Do I begin. Awesome, outstanding and loyal wait is this really a dealership!!!!! Yes I recently bought my fourth vehicle from Carter at Black Land Star Motors. They got me in the truck I wanted and the price I could afford and Paid a lot more for my trade in than any other dealership in the 150 mile surrounding area would. I feel as if they are family and I know I can trust them. If you are looking for a dealership that will give top dollar for your trade and sell theirs for a decent price then look no longer Black Land Star Motors is the place to go….. We Live 3 hours from this dealership and we have made the trip 4 times to Bonham so just like their saying goes Drive a little save A lot is the truth.. Thank you Carter and Nick From my Family to Yours ,

Sincerely The Yeager Family…..

We just purchased a used vehicle for our 16 year old and after traveling the entire metroplex (in excess of 20 dealerships) we came across a small used car facility in Bonham that was fantastic. Good, clean, quality vehicle, exceptional customer service and GREAT pricing. We were passing through Monday night at about 8:30, saw the vehicle, called the number on the building expecting to get a recording and had someone answer. We were able to make arrangements to see the vehicle and have it inspected by a non-involved mechanic yesterday and finished the deal in less than 2 hours of our time. Now after days and days of hunting we can make a young teens 16th birthday special with just what he wanted, an awesome truck. Give Blackland Star Motors a look if you ever need a vehicle. I know we will be going back for the next 2 kids. See website below.

Kathy T

I have been to several dealerships, and have had people try to pressure me. Even when I\\\\\\\'ve been to a low-pressure dealership, I still didn\\\\\\\'t feel an instant connection with the salesman. But today I went to Blackland Star Motors near Bonham, TX, and was treated to a great experience. The salesman was funny, candid, personable, and he didn\\\\\\\'t try to sell me a thing! I bought what I came there to look at, and was given a great deal besides. I highly recommend Blackland Star Motors to anybody wants to buy a pre-owned auto without the typical \\\\\\\"used car sales\\\\\\\" experience.

Thanks for the chance to drive a car I like. I\\\\\\\'ll be sending people your way. (Told one guy about you already today)
Mark B

My name is Jeff Y. I am a loyal customer to Black Land Star Motors. Let me tell you why. Black Land Star Motors has unbeatable prices and clean vehicles. I have bought 3 in the past year and will be returning for my fourth soon. They got me an unbelievable low interest rate and the vehicle I needed. These guys are honest and family owned and treat their customers as if they were their own. A dealer ship you can trust is hard to find. That’s why I drive 3 hours to Black Land cause it’s worth the drive. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great deal.